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Barmy to the Spire


First Clerk of Retributus

March 4th, 1999


Have the great tentacles of Ilsensine, god-brain of the Illithids, finanlly reached are small prime world? Do cranium rats scamper around a building of those who will not be named? And if so, why are they practicing necromancy, something feared by all Illithids? I have no proof, except this book.


First Lady of Retributus, Factol's Day

March 1st, 1999


Story Time
"Interview with a Demarax"

Today, while I was idly trying to count Spire butterflies with a significant amount of purple, I was lucky enough to catch a glance of a Demarax, it's great crocodile like body pumping to keep a steady pace, coming towards me. After leaping out of the way, I stood up, and on a whim, decided to go interview it. Taking a slow trout, I quickly caught up with it.

"Hello there cutter. Nice day for a jog eh?"

The only reply I received however was a quick glance from it's three eyes, and a sniff, before it continued on its way again. I decided to take a more direct approach, and outpaced it a bit, and planted myself in the middle of it's path.

"I say, where are you off to in a rush for?"

"Aft-er-s-s Crys-s-stal."

Well, at least I was getting somewhere now. It didn't look as if it were going to stop though, even if it might take it all peak just to trample over me.

"Ah, out run you has it, um, what is your name?"

"S-s-tor-s-s. Hun-gry for Crys-s-stal."

Ah, Stors, I'd heard of this Demarax. I grinned. Things where going to get quite interesting soon. In the mean time though, I was a bit bored. Glancing over the Demarax's shoulder just to make sure it wasn't time yet, I started ruffling through the knapsack on its back to pass the time. Nothing much interesting in there though, a few glass like shards, an extra pair of three eyes glasses, a small multicolored tetrahedron, and a large towel with sparkly sequins on it.

"So, Stors, what exactly does this crystal your following look like?"

"Bi-g-s-s crys-s-stal. S-s-tor-s-s fol-low-s-s it-s. Bi-g-s cry-s-stal good for Dem-arax-s-s."

Yes, quite a big crystal I'd imagine to keep him going for long. Just the though of eating such a large crystal probably kept him fed. I peeked over him, a small speck appeared in the sky behind him, along with a slow whining sound. Poor bugger.

"Well, I'll just step over here"

I ran for it and ducked behind a rock. The small speck continued growing larger, resolving into quite a large crystal coming up straight behind Stors. It was quite a magnificent crystal at that, glowing a deep gray and sprouting thousands of shards. The dark of it seems someone had once tried summoning the Lady, and this crystal spins around the spire trying to get into the cage. That's not the interesting bit though.

There was a large bonk of the crystal hitting what sounded like a large melon with chimes on it.


The crystal skipped off the Stors head and continued on. This wasn't about to stop a hungry Demarax though, especially one who had been following this same crystal for years.

"Cry-s-stall! S-s-tor-s-s ca-tch crys-s-stal!"

And off he trotted after it, to continue another circle around the spire.

"Now that was quite interesting, barmy fellow doesn't even know he's going in circles. Hey! Another purple butterfly! That's 637!"


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