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Third Clerk of Pivot

July 18th, 1999


Our first Barmy Short, we find what happens when a gnome and kobold discuss old times from Acheron. Consisting mostly of how many scars and appendages they've gained and lost, it's an intriguing look into the true horror of gnomes and kobolds. Read it now in, Don't I Know You From Somewhere? I have a scar too, see, it's spoon shaped!


Third Guild of Pivot

July 17th, 1999


Tumble to the Terbal

With the interest in the terbal from last month, we've scrounged up some more darks on this fascinating race. Starting of with the Staff of Elysium Stars, a useful item for anyone on Elysium, most often found in the hands of terbals. We also have the chant on the terbal Ol Raph, a philosophers philosopher who lives in a light house off Oceanus. Finally we lann you with the details of a terbal whose lost the will to fly, and needs some handy adventurers to get him going agian.

Staff of Elysium Stars
More commonly referred to as the Terbal Stick, this magical item is deeply tied to the terbal culture and is only commonly found in the City of Stars. Appearing as a piece of silver three feet in length, perfectly sized for a terbal but more a wand for other humanoids, with a small round star engraved ball at the top. It is purely magical, and only works while on Elysium. By pointing the staff at constellations in the sky causes the ball to glow faintly, the names of the terbals in the constellation appearing in its depths. It also lists where these terbals visit in there offtime, if you ever wanted to track them down. By pointing the staff down at the ground, symbolizing that there are no stars to be seen, causes the ball to glow like a bright star, eliminating all that is near. Finally by swinging the stick in a quick arc, usually felling anyone near or sending the small terbal using it spinning, causes not only for the holder to become quickly dizzy but an arrow in the ball will show the direction to the City of Stars, or if on a different layer it will show the quickest way to get to next layer. These staves are most commonly found in the possession of terbals, only a few guardinals or humanoids being gifted with them.

Ol Raph
The barmy old philosopher Ol Raph (Pl / Terbal / Cipher / NG) is a well known terbal, once the upper right star of the constellation Silver Lantern, having since grown to large and bright and retired to an old lighthouse just upriver of Release from Care. There by night he sits at the the top room and shines his light out to warn ships of the nearby coast while at the same time philosophizing . By day he wobbles around the place, looking like a small bright ball of faerie fire scooting across the ground an occasionally cursing. Though a bit of a hermit, his lighthouse is often home to any number of guardinals or ciphers passing through the area to hear from him. See Raph calls himself the Philosophers Philosopher because of his interesting Cipher twist, a faction lookout he picked up while exploring Elysium before his retirement. Where other philosophers spend days thinking about things like "What happens if the spire falls in the Outlands?" or "Whats infinity look like?", he just quickly snaps out the answers, in these cases "You get a bloody big bang" and "Go look out the bloody window why don't you?". Raph has embraced the Cipher philosophy whole heatedly, action and thought becoming one, though watching a small overlay large turtle try and do karate exercises is a bit much. Currently Raph is working with some guardinals to try and find a way to resolve the conflict between Isis and Ishtar, his first reaction to the problem: "Start calling them both bloody Isy's"

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Terbal
[Thanks to Brannon for suggesting this one]
A terbal, Tillio (Pl / Terbal / F1 / NG), has gone missing from a major constellation used by Upper Planar merchants to navigate the Oceanus during this season. This missing star has caused havoc for the ships, causing delays and mishaps. Though everyone is looking for the missing terbal, and the Per report he hasn't used any portal to leave Elysium yet, still no one can find him. The reasons why he's missing are known by only one person, a guardinal named Cail (Pl / Cervidal Guardinal / F9 / NG) who feels he's responsible for the terbal leaving his constellation. See, just before Tillio had to go off and fly in his constellation for the new season, he had a drink with Cail in the City of Stars. While they were talking Cail is afraid he might have given the young terbal to many stories of bravely going off to fight fiends, entering certain ideas in his head. Feeling guilty for the terbals leaving, and being more a fighter then an investigator, he decides to hire some passing adventurers, the PCs, to help track Tillio down.

There are a number of ways for the PCs to track the terbal down, using the Terbal Stick mentioned above or Ol Raph to ask for assistance, and also Cail. The PCs can have a grand romp over Elysium at this time, sailing the Oceanus, traversing huge mountains, or encountering such creatures as giant nautloids in the rivers. Eventually they can track the small terbal down by asking a armour merchant, who sold a terbal some halfling plate-mail the day before. When they catch up with Tillio he is looking like a small tin can with holes that swallowed a star and brandishing an assortment of weaponry. Whatsmore at the time he's trying to "slay an evil fiend", a quill the terbal has decided is something from the Lower Planes, though how he could tell with his visor down and blinding himself with his own light is hard to see. The quill however is in no danger, and in fact just nibbling on some nearby bushes while Tillio swings his sword wildly around a short distance off.

Once the PCs get him sorted out about what quills are and get his visor up, they have to explain to him how his constellation isn't going well without him. Though Tillio says he's tired of being a star and not sure if he can remember how to be one, hopefully they can convince him to go back, and if he really needs to go off and slay demons he should do it on his off time. Once they convince him of this they have another problem on their hands, for the armour seems to be stuck. It's nothing though to few intelligent adventurers, who should be able to find dozens of ways to get a star unstuck and back in the sky.


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