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Third Market of Narciss

April 16th, 1999


Now, you've probably heard of S.I.G.I.S right? And most likely the Bonebox Riddler, or the Ladys Sharper Eye, or anybody else with two jinx to spare getting Grundlethum to print up their paper with his automatic scribe. But truly told, those are all unreliable, and whats more, truly define boring. So where does a barmy like me turn for his news? Why, the Stuffed Slaadi of course, the only paper straight out of Xaos, the gatetown that is. Written out whatever the residents decide to put it on, once even tattooing it on the back of a bariaur, and on a precise time table of whenever they fill like putting out an issue.

Issue Zb6 of the Year
Somone got Ate by a Blue Slaad

Prime Explodes, yesterday at peak, after a brief tour through somewhere overthere-downtown Xaos. A mage, he had just stepped through one of Xaos's many majestic statue nostrils, when he was accosted by a Slaadi. Slight confused by the giant frog asking "Sugar, have you bag do a of?", that he quickly tried to cast a protection spell on himself. Unfortunately, he was trying to cast Protection from Prime, and the impending confusion of how the spell was going to protect him from himself, he exploded. Luckily, at this time some local Xaositects where having a party, and the bits of prime floating down from the sky where taken as confetti.
- Xüller Z'bang

xs_blank.gif (849 bytes)
Xaos-i-ticks Invade Beds, A local resident got the shock of his life, and it takes allot to shock a Xaos resident, as he found he really was getting bitten by bed bugs. The xaos-i-ticks had crawled into his bed while it was a woolen carpet for about 5 minutes. There terror shortly ended though after the bed turned into a large carnivorous monster at crawled out the window. Reports of the xaos-i-ticks and bed as they arrive.
- Xüller H'edge Oggis

Dear Slaadi, Are there gates in Xaos?

Surely. In and out and in and out of Xaos are gates that lead around and around the insides and outsides of ins and out and in and out of Xaos. There's a slaadi that sits on one. There's a slaadi that sits on three. Slaadi eat garden gates. Flowers too. Flowers grow where slaadi go, my mum says. Gates lead round, yep. We have a few, slaadi sit on them sometimes, but I said that.

- "1 after anti-peak" To'bug, Blue Slaad, Assistant-Editor

Weather - Slightly crispy with a small chance of raising squid. 



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