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Barmy to the Spire


First Guild of Narciss

April 3rd, 1999


Not exactly Planescape, but very barmy, we'll just call it a picture of the day. Go check out Diterlizzi's very amusing picture he did for Amazing Stories.


First Market of Narciss

April 2nd, 1999


Some githyanki jokes straight from the Astral. And speaking of githyanki, check out the ever xaotic Skypti's fabulous new githyanki page. You can thank her for the translation of "I say, I say" ;)

"Neki, Neki, Why did the Mlar create allot of small colored balls?"
"He wanted to play color pool!"
- As submitted by Kain'ta, failed astral comic

"Neki, Neki, Why are the foul, scum, goatheaded githzerai not brave enough to lay their own eggs?"
"They get the slaadi to do it for them!"
- As submitted by a humorous githyanki knight

"Neki, Neki, What do you call a beginning githyanki artist?"
"A 'yanki doodle!"
- Also as submitted by Kain'ta, who's neck was to tough for a silver sword


First Lady of Narciss, Factol's Day

April 1st, 1999


Faxtion War }(:-P){
Faxtion War



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