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Barmy to the Spire

Third Hive of Accordant

Febuary 19th, 1999


Some planewalker's speak of Ygddrasil, the mighty Ash, as one of the greatest planar pathways in the multiverse. But one darker, more greater pathway makes Yggdrssil look like a large block of paper pulp. The pathway, known to only a small few, not only allows travel throughout the multiverse, but also throughout time. Yes, this pathway is the fabled Eternally High Stack of Paper!

It rises from a small prime world, from the desk of a small mortal on the northern hemisphere. No one knows why this great pathways rises from here, but some say it is some strange force or power known as the evil Cam'I. Traveling on this pathway can sometimes be tricky, as although the pathway leads to such grand places as the filing departments of both the Guvners and Fated, and of course the great printing presses of Sigil (at any time in the history of its papers), planewalkers have yet to get the hang of climbing a pathway composed entirely of a stack of thin 8 by 12 inch papers. Paper cuts are a very common danger, as is grabbing onto a thick tax return paper that easily slips out.

Third Guild of Accordant

Febuary 17th, 1999


The Lady's secret
- a sketch quickly drawn of the passing lady

Extra! Extra!
The Lady's stats revealed!

The Lady's stats were quickly revealed to me today by a cloaked figure, while also passing over a quick sketch unmasking her secret. I was quite confused by this, especially since I was so enjoying a quick tea party with a rock.

Climate/Terrain: The streets of Sigil, or enjoying fresh cider at Greengage on there off time.
Frequency: Very very rare (streets), or Common (Greengage)
Organization: 3 gnomes stacked on top of each other
Activity Cycle: Erratic, except Lunch time at Greengage.
Diet: Crumb cakes and Cider
Intelligence: 7 (3 gnomes worth)
Treasure: L, O, P, and six vials of Cider
Alignment: Standing up, except when they've had to much cider

"Ouch! Get off my nose you bugger. Quite down there, someone's coming. Ooh let me see! Argh, we're falling, stop wiggling your boots of flying! Hey, pass up the cider will you?"
- First recorded words of the Lady

Third Market of Accordant

Febuary 16th, 1999


"isk'a'kii nakt kazt. That means "My mind is chaos today" in Githyanki, berk. I've been practicing, never know when you might get hipped on the Astral. Plus, it's a lovely vacation spot. I was a bit barmy though, and had to ask a cloud, that said she was a 'yanki, how to say that. Find out some more about the Githyanki language over at this astral portal. I've asked the the aforementioned cloud who says she is a 'yanki to put it on a mimir as, well, why take a portal when the fun can come to you?

Second Low of Accordant

Febuary 13th, 1999


Want to meet the infinite face on? Have your belief change the very things in front of you? Hop over to here, and the let multiverse boggle your eyes. True barmyness guaranteed!

Many evil creatures lurk on the fringes of the planes, but none may be as nastier or fiercer, more able to survive, then the planar weasel. Turn the pages of Faces of Weasels, and discover the horror and beauty of these rare creatures.

Second Hive of Accordant

Febuary 12th, 1999


What do you get a loth who has it all? You'd be wrong to guess that set of forty wicked spiky green steel blades. No, all this fiend wants is a Furby, preferably, not squeaking.

Ragboy has been working on some very nice Planescape adventures, involving among other things Chaos, Khaastas, and Gnomes, all things we like here around the spire. He's asking for reviews of it, so go check it out here.

Ever wonder how Planescape feels? Not in the sense of how well you like it, but deep down, what does Planescape itself think of the multiverse? What's it's personality? Well, here's your chance to find out.


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