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Barmy to the Spire
Fourth Market of Accordant

Febuary 23rd, 1999


Spireward fellow Planewalker's! Today is the Terminalia, the festival of Terminus, the Roman power of boundaries and border markers. Ponder the wonderfulness of borders, which allow you to explorer places on the other side. Now, I'm off to go have a wonderful conversation with a border marker stone.

Third Lady of Accordant

Febuary 22nd, 1999


If you'd like to link to are superbly wonderful site (at least, that's what are fellows in the asylum used to say), you can now use are bloody nifty animated link button:

Barmy to the Spire

and link to much spiraly link at "" graciously provided by

Third Void of Accordant

Febuary 21st, 1999


Nyqaloth Nyqaloth(tm) the Wartime, Graying, Oozing, Shredding, Pox, Beheaded, Burnt, So you can fight and have a good Blood War battle. The only Blood War drought officially sponsored by the Yugoloths and made right in the Wasting Tower. It's smooth green texture shows that it's made from 100% larva extract, guaranteed to 'put you out of your misery'. Cures all Lower Planar diseases, including Green Steel Tetnis, Fluffy Pink Fungus, Spiral Wart, Despair Diarrhea, Yellow Boggle, Radiance Anxiety and Celestian Rash.


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