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Barmy to the Spire

Barmy Shorts Company
Stories and Plays


Stories and Plays by the very barmy Barmy Shorts Company, Sigil's finest group of bleaknik writers, playwrights, and actors.


Xaos Jingle
When the xaositects get a bit festive on Karan's day, the Cage'll shake more then a frosty globe, festively.

A Night Around and Around Regulus
A young mathematician comes out of his house, and finds his dream in Mechanus' infinity.

Eve's Hallow
A haunting bleaker story of misty nights, lost love, and the spooky specter of the Lady.

Of Fish, Gnomes, and Posh Clothes
Some pretty strange things happen on Ooze and a wish comes true.

The Soap Box Hecklers
Woe be to the berk who steps out of this portal, especially if he's a proxy.

Baking with 25BII
A woesome tale of baking in Mechanus, a struggling rogue modron, a moigno, and how they both ended up getting along.

Lady's Night
What happens when four factols get together for a night of fun.

Don't I Know You From Somewhere?
An old gnome and kobold meet in a bar, discussing their warriors scars from Acheron.


The New Neighbors
A play of Ethereal demiplanes, and the fact that any bugger can go and plop one in as your neighbor.

Suure You Are
A famous planewalker tries to make it to a mysterious party.

Black Sheep of Doom and Destruction
Some Yugoloths discuss their dirty, evil, vile scheme.


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