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Barmy to the Spire

Barmy Roleplaying Logs


These are the logs from that very barmy place, the Lady's Cage Planescape Mush, or sometimes just sitting around in a chat room. They follow the adventures of various barmy characters, and are usually small closed sessions with a few players. Now, on to the barminess!

Merj & Smoat

Chess Game in the Damp
Merj and Smoat have a chess game.

To the Soggy Realm of Freedom
Those barmies, Merj and Smoat, manage to escape the gatehouse, party at the 10th Pit, and end up looking for 'Freedom' in Dis.

The Singey Streets of Dis
Merj and Smoat wander around the streets, getting a bit burnt and having an egg.

This is the Gatehouse, yez?
Three Cornugons stop Merj and Smoat outside the other Gatehouse in Dis.

Oh Yes, More Torture Please
Merj and Smoat end up in the claws of a Kocrachon with glasses.

Are favorite barmies manage to take a plop in the stinking waste, then try and buy a nice vase.

One Shot Barminess

The 109th Dissian Legion's one 'ell of a Party
With are barmies occupied elsewhere, Bl'arg and Phona have a chance meeting at a legions welcome home party.

Philosophers with Clubs

Gnome vs Kobold, a Debate of Cabbagable Existence.
A debate in a stone of circles near the spire, the kobold "Bugger" and gnome "Crumblepunch" set out to philosophize over their existence, and the taste of cabbage.


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