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Barmy to the Spire

Laughs, Giggles, and Cackles of the Planes


The cackle of the tanar'ri as they tear someone apart, the merry laugh of the eladrin at play, or even the mad giggle of the barmys in the asylum, the Planes are filled with laughter. It can be heard anywhere on the Planes, a universal standard whether fiendish or beautiful. With this in mind we set about collecting the laughter from all parts of the Planes, from any planeborn or creature, capturing them in a special mimir with a good sense of humor. So hear we present full access of that mimir to you, whether your a Sensate out to enjoy hearing everything, or a DM who wants to add that little bit of sound effect as a baatezu cackles over the captured PCs.

Most of the laughs are now in .rm format for the smallest size and best quality, which means you most likely will need realplayer.

These sounds are all graciously created by Tom, are resident barmy bleaknik here at BttS.
Thanks go to Skypti for providing the base laughs for the Parai, Astral Dragon, and Githyanki.

Some of these links aren't working (the .au's), please wait while
we whip people into fixing them. Thank you.

Baatezu, Lemure, chuckling nervously as it hears a pit fiend make a bad joke.
Baatezu, Spinagon, with the gleeful chortle as it herds a group of nupperibos for a higher-up fiend.
Battezu, Barbazu , roaring as it wades into battle, a sharp jagged glaive at the ready.
Baatezu, Amnizu, with a mad laugh as its minions slaughter some prime adventurers invading Stygia.
Baatezu, Gelugon, with a chuckle as it watches a lower ranking fiend slide across the ice of Cania.
Imp, gleefully cackling in irony as it sits on a prime wizards shoulder in attendance of a fiend.
Bezekira, meowing playfully as it finds a few scraps left over from a recent failed tanar'ri invasion.


Sword Spirit, with a barrage of impish chuckles as it spins through the air swords and blades spinning.
Achaierai, with a screeching laugh as it comes upon some lost orcs.
Rust Dragon, buzzing happily at finding some top grade armor on an abandoned battle field.
Kobold, a lone petitioner and screeching happily as it an entire enemy army surrounds it.
Goblin Warriors, laughing as they mount a charge around the underside of a cube.


Modron, Quadrone, laughing as defined by when something causes its be in the state of amusement
Moigno, bleeping happily as it calculates the 54,577th digit of pi.
Parai, with a soft giggle of delight as she spies upon someone of perfection.

Astral Dragons, chuckling as they here the latest rumors their kodragon heard.
Devourer, laughing in course with the spirit its trapped.
Psurlon, with a sucking laugh at contemplates the overthrow of the githyanki.
Astral Streaker, chirping happily as it delivers a message attached to its leg.
Githyanki, laughing at a human while saying in it's language "Hey, It'ishan! Look at that thing! It's pink!"


All content copyright 1999 Jeremiah Golden or credited authors.