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What's all this barmy stuff?

Want to find out what has been forgotten in the Styx?

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Barmy to the Spire

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Barmiest Barminess
The best of Barmy to the Spire, cultivated from the favorites of cutters of some note, that is the fluffy clouds we talk to and our pet rocks. This is pure barminess at its most intense form, beware.

Topical Drooling
All the barminess of Barmy to the Spire, every year, quip, and exploding sods all organized by our Dis organizer group into a humongous range of interesting and shiny categories.

Barminess of Year One
The first year of Barmy to the Spire, a whole mass of barminess from the strange Astral Dreadoughnut to the fabulous Barmy Spotlights, to let you know what's truly barmy, and if it likes the color blue.

Barminess of Year Two
The ongoing search for the perfect incarnation of barminess, the very golden spoon to make all barmies drool in their cells.


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