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Barmy to the Spire


Barmy to the Spire (or BttS for short), was started as a place to put all the barmy ideas we had in various conversations, but didn't know where to put. It has sense expanded into a site of parodies, satire, and sarcasm, and of course, barminess. 


To contact BttS, whether praise of our brilliant efforts,  that barmy idea you've always had about slaadi and socks, or your sock puppet just wants to say hi, mail:

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Dates and Times

All dates used are from the Sigil Calendar, from the wonderful On the Wings of Mephits. All times are in Sigilian peak and anti-peak hours.

The Barmy Staff

Jeremiah Golden
Position: Head 'loth and editor
Quote: "Do rilmani have ears?"
Favorite Articles: Faxtion War, BSotW: Hollyphant
Other pages: Water of the Styx

Tom Bubul
Position: Story writer and audio mixer
"I am a doughnut!"
Favorite Articles: Fluffyness in Nothingness, Eve's Hallow
Other pages: Gibberish and Crumpets

Other Barmies of Notice

Brannon, Head Cheerer
Portals webmaster, he's supported us barmies since our earlier days. He's quite a tarmy chap.

Heregul, Sage of no Repute
A ravid fan, our favorite person to RP with, and known  for his breath taking performance of Bl'arg. He also has a wonderful page about Celestials, Animal Lords, and other spiffy things at Dream of Dreams.

Jon, Everyone's favorite baernoloth
Of fame, he's prompted this sites first construction, and now hosts it. He might deny it, but he's very barmy.

Skypti (Skytxi, Ptisky, Bob), Xaos incarnate.
Occasionally helps out with the more crazier articles, and our githyanki  correspondent. She also runs the on again off again site, Eldritch.

Ian, god of Anoooooooon
Hirable sidekick and the depressed person who cheerfully ends up helping barmies with their spoons. He also runs the site Annwn, though be careful of apocalyptic werepuppies.


All content copyright 1999 Jeremiah Golden or credited authors.