FantasyHoo StarSite award!

The Mimir is now a Fantasyhoo Star Site!

Here'e the review Fantasyhoo editor Rafael Arrais gave the Mimir:


5 (Awesome)


6 (Unique, Worldclass!!!)


5 (Awesome)

"This is not only by far the best Planescape page on the web, but the best personal RPG page that you will probably ever put your eyes on berk..."

What can I add apart from: thanks very much!

The Old Sage's Award

The Old Sage says: "Well, there is only one thing to say about Mimir.Net ..  WOW!!  The Old Sage rates Mimir.Net as one of, if not the best AD&D web site found on the web, and presents The Old Sage's Award - Outstanding Web Site to Mimir.Net. Keep up the good work Jon, your web site is truly outstanding"...

RPG Finder Site of Excellence

"This is to inform you that your site has been selected as the recipient of the coveted RPG Finder site of excellence award. This award is given to those sites that stand out as the best of the best fantasy/RPG related pages."

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Top 10 AD&D Website
Awarded by the AD&D Site Exchange Network each month to
the best ten member sites in the scheme

In the nine months the competition ran, Mimir.Net came first every time!

The AD&DSE has now stopped being updated, but it's still got a large selection of AD&D links you can browse.

Escritoire Best Site Award

"...I've been meaning to send you this award for some time because I think you have an absolutely phenomenal site. I am greatly impressed and envious of your talent. The graphics and design of your site are absolutely amazing to me. So what I'm awarding you is my Escritoire Best Site award. I have awarded a lot of Escritoire Excellence awards, but this is the first Best Site award I'm granting. Your site is just too good to deserve otherwise..."

Like, wow...what can I say? Thanks! :-)


"The RPG TOP 5% ELITE AWARD is a non-commercial, non-profit device with which to officially recognize those RPG websites which can be considered to be among the best of the best on the web. Your site is certainly deserving of this award and as such it is being offered to you."...

..."The award cannot be applied for and will only be offered to those sites which truly represent the top 5% of the roleplaying websites."...

..."Thank you for making the web a better place to surf with your fantastic RPG website. I truly wish that there were more sites out there that were of the same high quality as yours!"

The Archmage's Choice Award

Thanks to Hannible Sanguine :-)

Excellence in Fantasy

The Excellence in Fantasy Award, thanks to Ages of Chaos

Golden Sage

The Golden Sage Award, May 1998

"In response to the effort and skill put forth by you in the creation of your website Mimir.Net, your site was selected with several other outstanding fantasy sites, and was chosen best in the month."

<grin> Cool...

The April Award for best site, from Jeff Bunde (aka Gothenem). Thanks!

Please check out Jeff's site, The Nexus Matrix...

Thanks very much, Alan :-)

Chaos Award

"WOWOWOWOWOW! I have to say that you have the best Planescape page I have ever seen....the content is never ending and I love the set up...I would also like to give you an award...I know you didn't sign up for it deserve it anyway.....

"Please accept this as a gift to a person who takes AD&D to greater heights."

-- Lord Hannible Sanguin, Chosen of Cyric, The Undying One, Patron of Ghouls, Lord of the Undead, Master of the Living, King of Chaos, Creeper of the Shadows, Bringer of Death, Squelcher of Happiness, DarkSpeaker, Shadow Lord, Soulmangle, Life Stealer and many more...

Realm of Chaos

Geocities ran a competition in February 1997 (back in the old days when the Mimir was a fledgling Geocities site) to determine the best site in each category it offers; Game Site was one of them. It's a competition based on the number of votes each site can earn from visiting voters, and I was delighted to get into the second round (thank you very much to everyone who voted for me) -- and be in the top five game sites on Geocities.

Destined for Immortality Award

My first ever award. Ahhhh ;-)
Thanks very much to Andrew Sain for this one. Now this is going to sound cheesy and like it's a set up, but it ain't (you know me ;-). His
Web Site really is good, and he also maintains the GraphX Kingdom, which is a great place to find icons. He tells me "If you need an icon I have it, and if I don't I will find it for you."

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